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Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations available for download below are the unofficial versions. The official rules are contained in the Oklahoma Administrative Code, maintained by the:

Secretary of State Office of Administrative Rules
401 North Lincoln Boulevard, Room 220, Will Rogers Building
P.O. Box 53390 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152-3390
(405) 521-4911

All rules and documents listed below are current as of January 1, 2017.



Unofficial Oklahoma Department of Mines Regulations Title 460

Chapter 1:          Oklahoma Mining Commission

Chapter 2:          Rules of Practice and Procedure for the Coal Reclamation Act of 1979

Chapter 3:          Non-Coal Rules of Practice and Procedure

Chapter 10:        Non-Coal Rules and Regulations

Chapter 15:        Underground Coal and Asphalt

Chapter 20:        The Permanent Regulations Governing the Coal Reclamation Act of 1979

Chapter 25:        Oklahoma Explosives and Blasting Rules and Regulations

Chapter 30:        Coal Combustion By-Product Placement Rules and Regulations