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Non-Coal Permits for Public Review

Non-Coal Mining Applications Authorized for Publication


Applicant Permit Number Mine Name Legal Description County Date Authorized for Publication*
Stoneworx of Oklahoma, LLC LE-2715-A Calhoun Pit #1 Section 9, T7N, R24E LeFlore 09/16/2021
Arkoma Enterprise LE-2733-A Monty's Pit Section 27, T9N, R22E Haskell 09/28/2021
OK Rock Quarries, LLC LE-2764 Nix Quarry Section 28, T11N, R17E McIntosh 10/07/2021
Crittenden Trucking LE-2397-A Stainer Section 28, T16N, R18E Wagoner 11/04/2021
Miller Construction & Son's Inc. LE-1847 N/A Section 32, T1S, R7W Stephens 11/04/2021
6-4-3 Services LE-2766 Lil' Mama's Dirt Section 25, T11N, R2W Oklahoma 11/17/2021

*Date Authorized for Publication is the date the Applicant has been Authorized to Publish Legal Notice. This is not the date of Publication. 


All Non-Coal Applications Authorized for Publication

Web Publication Notice November 22, 2021

460:10-17-6. Right to file written objections
(a) Any person who resides or owns property that could be adversely affected by the proposed non-coal mining operation shall have the right to file written objections to an initial or revised application for a permit with the Department within 14 days after the last date of publication of the newspaper notice required by 460:10-17-5. 
(b) The Department shall, immediately upon receipt of any written objection transmit a copy of them to the applicant.

460:10-17-7. Informal conferences
(a) Any person eligible under Section 460:10-17-6(a) may, in writing, request that the Department hold conference on any application for a permit. 
The request shall:
(1) Briefly summarize the issues to be raised by the requestor at the conference;
(2) State whether the requestor desires to have the conference conducted in the locality of the proposed mining operations;
(3) Be filed with the Department not later than 14 days after the last date of publication in the newspaper advertisement placed by the applicant under Section 460:10-17-5.
(b) Except as provided in (c) of this section, if a conference is requested in accordance with (a) of this Section, the Department shall hold a conference within a reasonable time following the receipt of the request. The conference shall be conducted according to the following:
(1) If requested under (a)(2) of this Section, it shall be held in the locality of the proposed mining. 
(2) The conference shall be conducted by the representative of the Department who may accept oral or written statements and any other relevant information from any party to the conference. An electronic or stenographic record shall be made of the conference proceeding. The record shall be maintained and shall be accessible to the parties of the conference until the final release of the applicant's performance bond or other equivalent guarantee.
(c)if all parties requesting the conference stipulate agreement before the requested conference and withdraw their request, the conference need not be held.
[Source: Amended at 17 Ok Reg 3170, eff 7-28-00]

Written objections may be sent to the Department of Mines at the following address:
Oklahoma Department of Mines
2915 N. Classen Blvd, Suite 213
Oklahoma City, OK 73106