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Non-Mining Blasting Forms and Publications


Non-Mining Blasting Forms
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Non-Mining Blasting Exemption Forms
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Section 1: Blasting Permit Application Blasting Permit Exemption or Renewal Form
Section 2: Blasting Permit Application
For OSBI Background Check go to
Oklahoma Department of Mines - Non-Mining Blasting Formshttps://osbi.ok.gov/services/criminal-history
Blasting Plan Form 
OSBI Record Check Form
Verification of Blasting Permit Application

460:25-13-22 Records of Blasting Operations Regulations

Notice of Blasting Completion Form

Certified Blaster Form

Emergency Blasting Plan


Non-Mining Blasting Permit Applications Pending
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Permit #
Posting Dates
Duane Houkom, Inc.
12/17/2019 to 01/02/2020
Explosive Contractors, Inc.P-10012/31/2019 to 01/15/2020