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Inspector's Safety Awards


Inspector's Safety Awards

In 2006, the Oklahoma Department of Mines created the Inspector's Safety Award.  Recipients are chosen on an established set of criteria that rewards operators for safe mining practices.  These criteria include number of violations, reduction in violations from the previous year, and warnings.  ODM Inspectors are assigned a portion of the state to work, with an average of over 50 permits per Inspector.  Each Inspector reviews the criteria and determines a "large" mine and a "small" mine for his territory.  For the purpose of this award, a large mine has more than five employees and a small mine has five or fewer employees on site.  Contractors do not count toward the total and the site has to be manned.  The time frame is from July 1 to June 30 and the awards are presented each year at the Oklahoma Mine Health and Safety Conference.  Instead of plaques, which no one entering a mine site ever sees unless they go inside the office, ODM decided to make the awards more visible by using 30" by 36" road signs put together by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation's Sign Shop.  These have been a much coveted item and ODM is proud to recognize those operators that make safety a priority.

2019 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
Rock-it Natural Stone, Inc. (Big Hill #2) Solid Rock Stone, Inc. (Calhoun Mine)
Cullum Equipment Services, Inc. (Hanson Mountain Quarry)APAC-Central, Inc. (Muskogee Sand Plant)
APAC-Central, Inc. (Oologah Facility)APAC-Central, Inc. (Vinita Quarry)
CP Materials, LLCDolese Bros. Co. (Roosevelt Quarry)
Unimin Corp. (Roff Plant)TXI Operations, LP (Mill Creek Quarry)
Yote Stone (Yote #1)Rock-it Natural Stone (Tamaha #1)
HSG Acquisition Compay, LLC (Coweta Plant #10)Muskogee Sand Co., Inc. 
J.R.'s Sand/John VestleCargill, Inc.
    Dolese Bros. Co. (White Eagle Sand Plant)

2018 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
Cornerstone Quarries, Inc.Johnny M. Webb dba Valley Stone
JCJ Trucking, LLC (Black Bear Mine #2)APAC-Central, Inc. (Roberts Quarry)
Witty Materials (#1)Pryor Stone Co. (#2)
William Family InvestmentsKildare Quarry, LLC (Newkirk Quarry)
Material Producers, Inc. (Washita Quarry)Dolese Bros. Co. (Cooperton)
Bluebird Stone, LLC (Spears Pit)Lattimore Materials Corp. (Thackerville)
Limestone, Rock, Gravel and Sand, LLCRock-it Natural Stone (Stigler South #1)
WIlliams Dirt Service, LLCAPAC-Central, Inc. (Okay Quarry)
  General Materials, Inc. (63rd Street Sand Plant)

2017 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
Stone Splitters, Inc.Meridian Aggregates Co., -A Limited Partnership (Broken Bow S & G)
Anchor Stone, Co. (Bixby)APAC-Central, Inc. (46th Street Quarry)
Big (4) PitAnchor Stone Company (Candy Creek)
Meridian Aggregates Co., -A Limited Partnership (Hugo Quarry)Ingram Concrete, LLC
APAC-Central, Inc. (Spiro Quarry)SCS Materials, LP (Byrd Pit)
B & S Construction & Trucking, LLC
APAC-Central, Inc. (Muskogee Sand)
C S & T, LLC
Green Stone Co.
Erik's Trucking
Quapaw Co. (Badger Quarry)

Hoskins Gypsum Co. 

2016 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
Meridian Aggregates Co., LP (Idabel Quarry) L.E.-1572Corner Stone Quarries, Inc. L.E.-1925
APAC-Central, Inc. (Vinita Quarry) L.E.-1798Tulsa Cement, LLC (#1) L.E.-1053
Stewart Stone, Inc. (Mitchell Quarry) L.E.-2480B & R Sand, Inc. Operator: All American Dirt and Sand L.E.-1619
General Materials, Inc. (63rd Street) L.E.-2201Dolese Bros. Co. (Ardmore Quarry) L.E.-1651
Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC (North Troy) L.E.-1856Hydro Quarry, LLC (Hydro-Bright Quarry) L.E.-1917
Harrison Gypsum, LLC (Harrison Gypsum #2) L.E.-1606
Cullum Equipment Services, Inc. (Hanson Mountain Quarry) L.E.-2407
U.S. Lime Company - St. Clair L.E.-1451Taloka Stone, Inc. (Taloka #1) L.E.-2300
A-1 Stone L.E.-1918Muskogee Sand Co., Inc. L.E.-2151 
APAC-Central, Inc. (Okay Quarry) L.E.-1814Frisco Sand, LLC L.E.-2335
Dolese Bros. Co. (Guthrie) L.E.-1887

2015 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small Mines
Large Mines
Johnny Webb dba Valley StoneSCS Materials, LP - Byrd Pit
B & B Sand & GravelPanther Sand Mine, LLC
APAC-Central, Inc. - Dewey QuarryAnchor Stone Company - Tulsa Rock #2
Dolese Bros. Co. - East PlantHarrison Gypsum, LLC - ACG Materials-Newkirk
CPI Pipe & Steel, Inc. - Select DirtDolese Bros. Co. - Mustang Sand Plant
Meridian Aggregates Co., -A Limited Partnership - Mill CreekDolese Bros. Co. - Hartshorne
Dolese Bros. Co. - RooseveltRedi-Mix, LLC - Red River Plant
Cullum Equipment Services, Inc. - Hanson Mountain QuarryKemp Stone Co., Inc. - Hulbert
Stone Splitters, Inc. - Boxham #1Arkoma Enterpirses - Ownes Hole
Bill Wayland - Mine #3Quapaw Company - Badger
Diamond Gypsum Co. - #2U.S. Gypsum Co. - Southard Plant #227
Sooner Shale Pit

2014 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
Black Mesa Sand, LLCHoskins Gypsum, LLC
Anchor Stone, Co. - BixbySherwood Construction
Pryor Sand Co.Brazil Creek Minerals, Inc. - Gore #2
Rock Investment - Green CountryAPAC - Central, Inc. - Spriro
Acme Brick Company - EdmondPryor Stone Co. - #2
TXI Sand Operations, LP - Bell Savoy Lattimore Materials Corp. - Stringtown
Hydro Quarry, LLC - Hydro-BrightHarrison Gypsum, LLC - Harrison Gypsum #2
Continental Concrete, LLC - Farm MinePanther Sand, LLC
Enrem MaterialsFargo Stone Inc. - Overstreet #1
Quality Production of Stigler, Inc. 
Grant County Commission - Dist 3 Stoney Point Mine

2013 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
United States Gypsum Co. - BucherDolese Bros. Co. - Davis
Acme Brick - Holland MineAPAC Central, Inc. - Vinita Quarry
Cullum Equipment Services, Inc. - Hanson MountainU.S. Lime Co./St. Clair - Mine #2
Carl Dale Luman Sr. dba Luman RockMeridiam Aggregates Co., LP - Apple/Sawyer
Vickers Sand & Gravel, Inc.Dolese Bros. Co. - Dover
Meridian Aggregates Co., L.P. - North TroyDolese Bros. Co. - Ardmore
Elm Creek Gravel, LLCDolese Bros. Co. - Cooperton
Ron Morris - #1Quapaw Co. - Badger Pit
Shawnee Sand & Select, LLCFalcon Materials, LLC
G & B Stone, LLCCrooked Creek, LLC
Bellco Materials, Inc.

2012 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
J&R Sand Co., Inc. - Ratzlaff PitMaterial Producers, Inc.
J&J Land, LLC - Quarry Ranch #3Kemp Stone Co., Inc. - Mile-Or-More Quarry
Randel and Tina HindsDolese Bros. Co. - Hartshorne Quarry
Johnny M. Webb dba Valley StoneSpiro Sand & Gravel
Lightle Sand Co., Inc.Van Eaton Ready Mix, Inc. - Logan #1
Fittstone, Inc. - #1Dolese Bros. Co. - Coleman
T&G Construction, Inc.Meridian Aggregates Co. - Snyder Quarry
B&B Sand & Gravel - #2The Quapaw Company - Brensing
Quality Stone Quarries, LLC - BaxterRock-It Natural Stone - Stigler South 1

2011 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
CPI Pipe and Steel, Inc.Hanson Aggregates WRP, Inc. - OK1
Craig CountyAPAC Central, Inc. - Tulsa East Quarry
T&M Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Watts PitAPAC Central, Inc. - Roberts Quarry
Alan Ritchey Materials Company - Pope's PointEast OK, Inc.
Dig-It Rocks, LLC - 7-Mile MineSober Brothers, Inc. - Gonterman 1
US Silica - Mill Creek NorthTXI Operations LP Partnership - Mill Creek
Chapel Rose QuarriesAmerican Gypsum Company, LLC - Tom Gilbreath Properties
RL Jones Construction Co., Inc., dba J&J Sand - J&J #3APAC Central, Inc. - Okay Quarry 
Parker Chop Stone, LLC - Chop Stone YardOldham Enterprises, LLC - Oldham #1 & #2
Tandem Services, Inc. - Kolb PitGeneral Materials, Inc. - 63rd Street

2010 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
RB&J Material, LLC - Redgate #1Dolese Bros. Co. - Mustang
R.G. MisorAPAC - J-6 Quarry
Randal and/or Tina HindsBrazil Creek Minerals - Gore #2
D.L. Evans ConstructionMeridian Aggregates
ENREM MaterialsLone Star Industries dba Buzzi Unicem
Southern AggregateTXI Mill Creek
T&G ConstructionDolese Bros. Co. - Cooperton
HSG Acquisition Co., LLC - BixbyQuapaw - Badger Mine
RL Jones Construction Co., Inc.APAC - Arkansas, Inc. (Arkhola Division) - Muskogee Sand
Capitol Stone, LLCBluebird Stone, LLC - Leo Pit
Sand Express #5Dolese Bros. Co. - Prairie Park

2009 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
Boral Brick, Inc. - Union CityDiamond Gypsum #2
Craig CountyAPAC - Oklahoma, Inc., Standard Industries Div. - East Quarry
Perkins Sand, LLCU.S. Lime Co./St. Clair - Mines #2
W & W Sand, Inc.Dolese Bros. - Hartshorne
Lattimore Materials - NorthStewart Stone, Inc. - Davis Quarry
Harrison GypsumMaterial Producers, Inc. - Davis Quarry
Quapaw Badger Meridian Aggregates Co. - Mill Creek
Watkins Sand Co. - 129th PitDolese Bros. Co. - Richard Spur
RL Jones Construction Co., Inc., dba J & J SandArkola Division - APAC - Arkansas, Inc. Okay Quarry
Boggy Construction, Inc.Morris Stone Co.

2008 Inspector's Safety Awards

Small MinesLarge Mines
Kline Materials (Woodward) 
Harrison Gypsum dba Allied Custom Gypsum (Allied #2)
R.G. MiserAPAC - Oklahoma (J-6 Quarry)
Arkhola Sand and Gravel Co. (Spiro)Kemp Stone (Hulbert)
Mule Creek Stone (Santee 1)Dolese Bros. Co. (Coleman)
Logan County AsphaltDolese Bros. Co. (Guthrie)
BCM Oklahoma, LLC (Douglas)Hanson Aggregates WRP Inc.
B&B Sand & GravelUnimin Corp. (Mill Creek)
Milam Tool Co.General Materials, Inc. (Norman)
Holiday Sand & Gravel, Co. (Coweta #10)Arhola Sand & Gravel Co. (Muskogee)
Michael Parker dba Parker RockChris Watson dba Bedrock Stone (Watson Quapaw Co. (Badger)